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In the episode "What makes a GREAT INVESTOR?" on The Knowledge Project, Shane Parrish and Joel Greenblatt discuss several aspects crucial to becoming a successful investor. Here's a summary:

  1. Big Picture Investing: Greenblatt shares insights using Ted Turner's example of buying the Atlanta Braves and creating TBS, stressing the importance of looking beyond numbers to see the larger picture in investments 1.

  2. Management: The importance of the management team's role in a company's success is highlighted. A strong management team is crucial for the success of investment strategies 2.

  3. Successful Capital Allocation: Joel emphasizes the necessity of successful capital allocation in investment strategies and shares his experiences involving the education sector. He also highlights the training of average teachers to achieve great results through a structured training model 3.

    Big Picture Investing

    Joel shares his experience of big picture investing, using Ted Turner's example of buying the Atlanta Braves and creating TBS. He emphasizes the importance of looking beyond the numbers and seeing the larger picture to make profitable investments.

    The Knowledge Project

    What makes a GREAT INVESTOR? | Episode 111 Joel Greenblatt
  4. Unlocking Talent: The discussion concludes with the potential of unlocking talent and the benefits of alternative certification methods. These can help tap into a diverse workforce and include using certifications and critical thinking skill assessments 4.