Thrill seeking


Thrill-seeking behavior involves pursuing activities with an element of risk for the excitement it brings. This pursuit can vary greatly among individuals, ranging from extreme sports to more measured adventures. Here are some insights on thrill-seeking:

  1. Astronauts and Thrill-Seeking: Mike Massimino, a former astronaut, describes how despite popular perception, many astronauts are not necessarily thrill-seekers. While astronauts like him face extreme situations, his drive was not for thrill but rather for the fulfillment of specific goals, such as space exploration. He emphasizes that the intense training helps manage the dangerous aspects rather than seeking thrill from them 1.

  2. Thrill-Seeking in Relationships: In relationships, some people might be considered more thrill-seeking than their partners. For example, Lisa Bilyeu discusses how she finds excitement in situations that might be considered risky or unconventional, which contrasts with her husband's more conservative nature. This suggests that thrill-seeking can also manifest in interpersonal dynamics and personal preferences 2.

  3. Thrill-Seeking and Professional Risks: Sebastian Junger, a journalist known for covering war zones, discusses how becoming a father made him more risk-averse. His previous engagements in dangerous environments were not pursued for the thrill but were part of his professional duties. Fatherhood shifted his perspective, prioritizing safety and reducing unnecessary risks 3.

    Thrill Seeking Astronaut

    Mike Massimino, a former astronaut, discusses his experience with space travel and how it differs from being a thrill seeker. He shares his thoughts on the excitement and stress of space travel and how his attitude towards control helped him in training and in life.

    The Jordan Harbinger Show

    516: Mike Massimino | Unlocking Science Secrets with an Unlikely Spaceman

Thrill-seeking is not a uniform trait and can appear in diverse forms and contexts, from professional choices to personal and relational dynamics. While some engage directly in high-adrenaline activities, others might find their thrills in overcoming personal fears or in the pursuit of significant personal achievements.