Are flaws a sign of vulnerability?


Flaws can indeed be seen as a sign of vulnerability. In a discussion with , explored this idea in relation to human connections and love. Oxman explains that flaws are indicative of vulnerabilities, whether physical or emotional. These vulnerabilities are crucial because they can either drive people apart or bring them together, thus forming connections and communities, which are essential for building civilizations. Flaws, as Oxman puts it, are not just imperfections but also functional elements promoting connection and community growth 1.

Flaws and Love

Neri Oxman explores the profound role of flaws and vulnerabilities in human relations, emphasizing how they contribute to the essence of love. She believes that flaws are a sign of vulnerability and that love is gentle with these imperfections. Flaws and vulnerabilities serve as the glue that connects individuals, enabling the formation of communities and the building of civilizations.

Lex Fridman Podcast

Neri Oxman: Biology, Art, and Science of Design & Engineering with Nature | Lex Fridman Podcast #394