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from features Jordan Harbinger interviewing Reid Hoffman. Here are some key points covered in the episode:

  • Networking for Success: Jordan and Reid discuss the importance of networking and building connections for both entrepreneurs and individuals. They emphasize creating great work and ensuring it gets noticed in a world of eight billion people 1.

  • Pursuing Passions: Reid Hoffman shares a story about Daniel Ek, Spotify's founder, highlighting his early passion for music and computers. Jordan questions the advice of "following your passion," suggesting it may be influenced by survivor bias 2.

  • Learning New Skills: Jordan and Jason promote the continuous learning of new skills, recommending Skillshare for focused, bite-sized classes 3.

    Networking and Success

    Jordan and Reid discuss the importance of networking and building connections in order to succeed, whether it's in entrepreneurship or individual pursuits. They emphasize the need to focus not only on creating great work but also on how to present it and make it stand out in a world of eight billion people.

    The Jordan Harbinger Show

    207: Reid Hoffman | Mastering Your Scale for the Unexpected Part One
  • Killing Ideas: Mark Pincus of Zynga talks about the importance of knowing when to give up on ideas. Reid Hoffman underscores the need to test ideas frequently and pivot early to avoid sticking with losing concepts 4.

  • Networking Habits: Jordan introduces the Six-Minute Networking course designed to help manage and build relationships effectively, based on small daily habits 5.

The episode also includes various sponsor messages and offers on products like Skillshare and SimpliSafe. The content is split with discussions on entrepreneurial strategies, personal anecdotes, and practical advice on building a successful career.