Paper Calendar


Using a paper calendar offers several benefits compared to digital solutions.

  • prefers paper planners to avoid distractions and maintain focus, as accessing digital tools often leads to notifications and a shift in mindset to an administrative mode. He also appreciates the portability and freedom from digital interfaces that paper planners provide 1 .
  • A listener from the podcast noted that using a paper planner helped manage their ADHD by allowing them to visualize their week clearly, which is more helpful than digital calendars for some people 2 .
  • discussed her loyalty to paper calendars for their nostalgic and functional value. She mentioned her preference for seeing the entire month at a glance, which helps manage her schedule better than digital alternatives 3 4 .

    Paper Planner vs. Digital Calendar

    Cal discusses the benefits of using a paper planner over digital calendars for intentional time management. He emphasizes the importance of protecting focus and avoiding constant digital distractions to make the most of available time.

    Deep Questions with Cal Newport

    Ep. 48: Habit Tune-Up: Deep Athletes, Idea Capture, and Distracting Rumination

Overall, both paper and digital calendars have their own merits, and the choice depends on personal needs and preferences.