Are overnight success stories a myth?


The concept of "overnight success" is largely a myth. Tim Ferriss and Joe Gebbia discussed this during a conversation on the . They highlighted that what often appears as a sudden rise to success is usually the result of long-term perseverance, learning from failures, and continuous effort. For instance, the story of Airbnb, which many might consider an overnight success, was actually built on years of previous experiences, challenges, and gradual progress. Joe Gebbia, co-founder of Airbnb, stressed that success typically comes from a long process of preparation and adaptation, comparing it to training for a marathon. This process involved embracing rejection, learning, and conditioning oneself through various entrepreneurial challenges before achieving notable successes 1.

Embracing Rejection

Joe Gebbia shares his journey of turning rejection into motivation and reframing failure into learning experiences, ultimately leading to the creation of Airbnb. He emphasizes the importance of seeking discomfort and the misconception of overnight success in entrepreneurship.

Tim Ferriss Show

Joe Gebbia Interview | The Tim Ferriss Show