How is Jesus seen in the New Testament?


The New Testament presents Jesus in various profound ways.

As a Divine Being:

explains that Jesus (or Yeshua) exemplified the potential within all humanity by fully realizing the divine essence inside Him. Dekker emphasizes that Jesus' teachings focus on the unity between Jesus and God ("I and the Father are one") and our inclusion in that unity. This concept is rooted in the doctrine of the Trinity, where believers are seen as one with Jesus and, thus, with God. Jesus' message was that recognizing this unity allows us to access extraordinary spiritual power and true identity as sons and daughters of God 1.

In Historical and Cultural Context:

discusses the portrayal of Jesus in the Gospel of John, noting its deep knowledge of Judaism and the internal Jewish arguments of the time. These texts reflect early Christian experiences of persecution and marginalization, tensions that have evolved greatly over centuries. As Christianity shifted from a persecuted minority to a dominant group, the way Christians perceive persecution and hostility can be influenced by these foundational narratives, even when they may not align with current realities 2.

These perspectives highlight Jesus as both a divine figure embodying spiritual potential and a central character in the historical and cultural tensions of His time.

Rediscovering True Identity

Ted Dekker discusses the teachings of Jesus and the importance of realizing our true identity as spiritual beings. By letting go of false identities and embracing our connection to God, we can access our full potential and experience the power and freedom that comes with it.

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