Introversion as an excuse?


Jordan Harbinger addressed the topic of using introversion as an excuse for not engaging socially. He clarified that being introverted does not medically excuse someone from social interactions; rather, it indicates how one recharges—either alone or in social settings 1. Moreover, he emphasized that claiming introversion as a reason for not networking or avoiding developing relationships is a misunderstanding of what introversion truly entails 2.

In his discussions, Jordan stressed that while introverted individuals might prefer more quiet or meaningful interactions, they are indeed capable of networking and building relationships. They just approach these activities differently compared to extroverts, often seeking deeper, rather than broader, connections 3.

Introverts and Ambiverts

Jordan and Vanessa discuss the differences between introverts and ambiverts, including how they recharge and their preferred social environments. They also emphasize the importance of understanding these differences in relationships.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

670: Vanessa Van Edwards | The Science of Succeeding with People