Extinct animals


Here is some information about extinct animals:

  • Dodo Bird: Known for being flightless and famously extinct, the dodo was last reported killed in 1681. In discussions about extinct animals, it often symbolizes the impact of human activities on species [1].
  • Tasmanian Tiger and Woolly Mammoth: These are examples of animals that went extinct due to direct or indirect human actions. Efforts are being discussed to potentially bring back such species, leveraging genetic technologies to reintroduce them into their former habitats and fulfill ecological roles [2] [3].

    Extinct Animal Pets

    Kate and Doree discuss their choice of extinct animals as pets, settling on the dodo bird despite its weird appearance and flightless nature. They also mention other extinct animals like the quagga and woolly mammoth, sharing fascinating facts about their size and weight. Title: Movie Snacks Topics: Snacks, Movie theater treats Summary: Kate and Doree reveal their favorite movie snacks, including peanut M&Ms in popcorn, sour patch kids, buttered popcorn with M&Ms, and junior mints. They also touch on nostalgic candies like good and plenty, expressing their personal preferences and opinions.


    Episode 217: 20 Questions with Kat and Dor
  • Quagga: A subspecies of zebra that is also extinct [1].

These discussions highlight both the fascination with extinct species and ongoing debates about the possibilities and ethics of "de-extinction."