How did Amber cope with expectations?


Amber L'Estrange coped with the expectations surrounding her by engaging in some unhealthy behaviors initially. After ending her engagement, she dealt with the resulting expectations and pressures by going to bars, drinking, and seeking short-term connections. This phase helped her to momentarily handle the stress, but eventually, she started to explore the true emotional impacts of her decision. This period was characterized by feelings of betrayal towards the people affected by her choice, particularly because she had to confront that she was letting down a person she deeply respected. It was a challenging process for her, involving difficult conversations and a deep re-evaluation of her life path 1.

Coping with Expectations

Amber shares her journey of coping with the expectations of breaking off her engagement, exploring the impact it had on those around her, and the difficult conversation she had to start. This chapter highlights the importance of choosing a different way when faced with challenging moments.

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