What are the tactics of scammers?


Scammers employ various tactics to lure and defraud their victims. Here are some of the methods discussed:

  1. Recruitment and training of native English speakers: Scammers often recruit and hire people who can seamlessly interact with potential victims in English. They even go to the extent of hiring attractive individuals to make their scams more convincing, using these individuals as “paid actors” to initiate scams 1.

  2. Establishing trust: The scam often begins with small interactions to make the potential victim feel comfortable and to build trust. The scammers engage frequently, making friends and gradually becoming an integral part of the victim's daily communications. They use this trust to introduce convincing but fraudulent investment opportunities, particularly in cryptocurrencies or other financial ventures 2.

  3. Sophisticated communication strategies: To appear genuine, scammers often use familiar and friendly content, such as photos of themselves in casual situations, adding an element of normalcy and innocuousness to their interactions. They adapt their messages based on plausible interactions to lower the guard of the recipient 1.

These tactics highlight the calculated and manipulative methods used by scammers to exploit their targets, often using social engineering to manipulate emotions and build false trust.

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