How much sunlight is recommended?


recommends several guidelines for sunlight exposure to support your circadian rhythms and overall health. Here are the general recommendations:

  1. Clear Days: Aim for about 5 minutes of sunlight exposure to your eyes in the morning.
  2. Cloudy Days: Increase this to about 10 minutes due to the reduced light intensity.
  3. Overcast or Rainy Days: Try to get 20 to 30 minutes of exposure.

Avoid getting sunlight through windows or car windshields, as this is ineffective for triggering the necessary biological responses. If you cannot get outside, consider using daylight simulators or LED lights as an alternative 1 2.

Additionally, getting sunlight exposure in the late afternoon can help inoculate your nervous system against the negative effects of artificial light in the nighttime hours, improving your sleep quality 3.

Sunlight Guidelines

Andrew provides general guidelines for sunlight exposure depending on the type of day and location. He emphasizes the importance of getting outside and not relying on windows or windshields for sunlight exposure. If necessary, he suggests cheaper options like ring lights or LED panels.

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