Why is trust important for abundance?


Trust plays a crucial role in moving from a mindset of scarcity to one of abundance, as discussed by Diania Merriam in a conversation with on the . Merriam highlights that trust is not just about the financial aspect but extends to trusting in your abilities, skills, and connections. This trust enables you to open up opportunities that you might not have anticipated, which is essential for creating an abundant life 1.

Furthermore, she emphasizes that building this sense of trust in yourself can be more valuable than the amount of money in your bank account. This is because, regardless of any external financial setbacks (e.g., medical emergencies or market downturns), having confidence in your capability to rebuild can provide a secure foundation no one can take away 2. Living with this trust allows for greater flexibility and fewer restrictions, enabling a life with more options and opportunities.

Moving from Scarcity

Diania shares her experience of moving from scarcity to abundance by doing fear setting and considering the worst-case scenarios. She realized that the things she was worried about didn't happen and opportunities fell in her lap that she couldn't have possibly anticipated. Trusting in herself and her skills, she quit her job and opened up doors to make money however she chooses.


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