Insight Meditation

Here are some podcasts that delve into topics related to Insight Meditation, mindfulness, and personal growth:

    • Host: Dan Harris
    • Description: Explores practical benefits of meditation and mindfulness. Features experts from psychology, neuroscience, and Buddhism discussing strategies for mental health and happiness.
    • Host: Kevin Rose
    • Description: Covers various topics including health and personal development. Features deep conversations with meditation teachers and other experts.
    • Host: Shankar Vedantam
    • Description: Explores unconscious patterns driving human behavior, with episodes often featuring discussions related to mindfulness and mental well-being.
    • Hosts: Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik
    • Description: Discusses self-improvement, spirituality, and health. Features discussions on personal growth and mindfulness practices.
    • Host: Stephen West
    • Description: Offers insights into philosophical topics including the nature of mind and ethics, often relating to contemporary issues in mindfulness and meditation.

These podcasts should provide valuable insights and discussions on mindfulness and meditation practices.