Are companies loyal to employees?


Companies today often do not demonstrate loyalty to their employees. and his guests on the discuss how the traditional view of company loyalty, where one could expect lifelong employment and company care, no longer applies in the modern workplace. They emphasize the reality where companies typically look out for their own interests first. Brad and his guest Alan Corey talk about how individuals usually need to prioritize their own career aspirations and security, working under the premise that the company will not necessarily look out for them 1.

In a more pragmatic light, they address tactics within the corporate setting — like always being prepared with job alternatives to leverage better conditions or pay at one’s current job. This perspective highlights that, more often than not, moves within a career are fuelled by personal initiative rather than company loyalty 2.

In essence, the notion of corporate loyalty has shifted significantly, and individuals are advised to navigate their career paths with a realistic and sometimes self-advocative approach.

Corporate Loyalty

Alan and Brad discuss the importance of looking out for oneself in the corporate world. They emphasize that companies are not loyal to their employees and that it is important to prioritize one's own career goals and aspirations.


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