What were the retention flaws?


Here are the discussions about retention flaws from trusted experts:

  1. User Activation and Experience Value

    • discussed how focusing on user activation and the introduction of specific features can dramatically improve retention. In her experience, emphasizing features that users could quickly find value in, like Recurring Investment, significantly enhanced retention rates. This was complemented by adding more high-frequency use cases, such as retirement accounts, which naturally led to better retention by increasing user engagement frequencies 1.
  2. Nailing User Motivation

    • reflected on the retention flaws in the first version of Dubsmash, pointing out that they struggled with user motivation. He emphasized that for consumer products to be successful, it's crucial to engage users on a daily basis and become a constant part of their life. Despite the obstacles, they continued iterating, aiming for the product to be so engaging that it becomes top-of-mind for users 2.

      Impactful Retention Strategies

      Hila shares her experience in improving retention by focusing on activation and adding higher frequency use cases, such as recurring investment and retirement accounts, which resulted in significant success in a short period of time.

      Lenny's Podcast

      The ultimate guide to adding a PLG motion | Hila Qu (Reforge, GitLab)