Animal abuse


Discussion on Animal Abuse and Exploitation

Jordan Harbinger and his guests have covered various aspects concerning animal abuse and exploitation. Here are some of the key insights from these discussions:

  1. Wildlife Smuggling: Harbinger and Rachel Nuwer delve into the grim realities of wildlife smuggling. They share horrifying instances where animals are transported in inhumane conditions, such as birds muffled in clothing and snakes hidden in pants on flights 1.

  2. Bear Bile Farming: In another episode, Nuwer describes the brutal practice of bear bile farming. Bears are kept in extremely confining cages, with invasive procedures used to extract bile for traditional medicines. Despite some countries having laws against this practice, enforcement is lax, and the abuse continues 2.

These discussions reveal the ongoing and diverse forms of animal abuse and exploitation happening across the globe, raising awareness and advocating for stricter enforcement of animal welfare laws.

Wildlife Smuggling

Jordan and Rachel discuss the horrific stories of wildlife smuggling, including live birds and snakes being smuggled on planes. They also touch on the impact of reporting on this topic and whether it increases demand for exotic animals.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

545: Rachel Nuwer | Inside the Dark World of Wildlife Trafficking