How to overcome FOMO?


Overcoming FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) involves several strategies highlighted by various experts on the My First Million podcast:

  1. Recognize Second Chances: Shaan Puri mentions the idea that even when you miss an early opportunity, there are always second chances. This insight was echoed by Kevin van Trump, who highlighted that even successful ventures offer multiple entry points, reducing the pressure to act immediately 1.

  2. Immersion Learning: Shaan Puri also suggests immersing yourself in a topic for a week to reduce FOMO. By dedicating a focused period to learning about something you're curious about, you address any feelings of missing out on new opportunities in that space. This can be particularly useful for staying up-to-date in fast-evolving fields 2.

  3. Prioritize What Matters: Ariel Helwani shifted from feeling the need to be omnipresent to choosing events and engagements that genuinely mattered to him while prioritizing his family. This change in perspective helped him overcome FOMO and find greater satisfaction in his career and personal life 3.

    Crypto Drama Fallout

    Andrew expresses his concern about the lasting negative effect of the Ftx. Saga on crypto and trust. He believes that it is bad for the industry and that everyone is just speculating on this stuff. Shaan adds that even if you missed the first opportunity to invest, there is always a second chance on the train.

    My First Million

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By recognizing that there are always future opportunities, immersing yourself in learning, and prioritizing what truly matters, you can effectively overcome FOMO.