How do psychological skills develop?


Psychological skills develop through a structured and integrative approach, much like physical training. from the emphasizes that psychological skills training should be periodized alongside physical training. Initially, focusing on mindfulness, goal-setting, and motivation is crucial. As training progresses, incorporating tailored self-talk and building a cohesive athletic identity helps manage anxiety and builds trust. Finally, when nearing a major event, honing in on mental toughness and resilience is vital. The overall psychological skill development involves deliberate training formats like those for physical fitness, such as mindfulness sessions, targeted self-talk during training, and applying learned skills during challenging or peak periods 1.

Further, also highlights that psychological skills are similar to learning a new language; they can be developed over time through practice and persistence. Just as one learns a language by building upon basic skills and increasing complexity, mental toughness and other psychological skills are developed through ongoing, deliberate practice integrated with one's regular training schedule 2.

Building Psychological Skills

Learn how to integrate psychological skills into your training program to enhance performance and prevent injury. Dr. Justin explains the importance of goal setting, mindfulness, self-talk, and developing mental toughness throughout the training cycle.

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