How to filter friendships?


Brad Barrett emphasizes the importance of understanding your goals and how certain relationships impact your life. He asserts that knowing what you want helps in discerning which relationships to maintain and which ones to let go of.

Brad mentions that the power of opting out is a significant aspect of their financial independence community. By achieving financial independence, you gain the ability to say no to toxic relationships and situations that don't align with your goals. This principle extends to social interactions, where you should reduce or eliminate time spent with individuals causing chaos and emotional stress. Essentially, it's about choosing to surround yourself with people who support your path and goals, while distancing from those who don't 1 2.

By setting clear personal objectives and recognizing which relationships contribute positively towards those objectives, you can effectively filter friendships, ensuring that your social circles support your long-term well-being and goals.

Opting Out

Brad and Jonathan discuss the power of opting out in the financial independence community. They emphasize the importance of knowing your goals and not getting sucked into toxic relationships or corporate ladder climbing. By having a high savings rate, you gain the power to say no to stressful situations and build a life you love.


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