Competing products


To better understand the strategies surrounding competition and how this can influence businesses and products, let's delve into insights from various experts:

  1. Chetan Puttagunta stresses the importance of deeply understanding competitors' products and strategies to uncover unique insights and potentially hidden aspects of the market. He advises founders to assume that competitors have novel and effective strategies which could enlighten one's own approach 1.

  2. Michael Dearing explains that true competition often isn't the next big company but what currently occupies the target users' attention. He emphasizes focusing less on other corporations and more on actual user engagement with the product 2.

  3. Tony Fadell argues that while competition can inform a product strategy, it should not dictate it. Effective companies differentiate themselves without incessantly tracking competitors, learning from them without directly copying them 3.

    Understanding Competition

    Chetan advises founders to approach competition by understanding the products of everyone in the market and assuming they have unique insights. By investigating their strategies, founders can gain valuable insights and uncover blind spots in their own product strategy.


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  4. Andrew Farah highlights that competition is not just other companies but also alternative solutions like 'doing nothing' or 'hacking a solution.' He underscores the variety of dimensions startups compete on beyond mere product features 4.

  5. Annie Pearl from Calendly emphasizes focusing on what is best for customers and the company strategy more than being reactive to competitors. She suggests that chasing features introduced by competitors can detract from a company's strategic goals 5.

These discussions iterate a common theme that while understanding the competitive landscape is crucial, thriving companies focus on creating and refining unique value propositions more than obsessing over the competition.