How to make speaking positivity a habit?


Jim O'Shaughnessy and his guest Ian Cassel discussed the importance of speaking positive thoughts aloud on the "Infinite Loops" podcast. They highlighted that often people think positive things but hesitate to vocalize them. To make speaking positivity a habit, they suggested consciously choosing to express positive thoughts whenever they occur. This practice can have a transformational impact on both personal and professional relationships by creating positive momentum in one's life. They emphasized the importance of letting people know about positive thoughts as they arise, which can enhance relationships and spread positivity 1.

Speak Positivity

Ian and Jim discuss the importance of speaking positive thoughts out loud. They emphasize the impact it can have on relationships and how it can be transformational. They encourage listeners to make it a habit to speak positivity whenever they think of it.

Infinite Loops 2022

Ep.113 — Ian Cassel — All Great Things Start Small