How can I help ChooseFI Publishing?


To assist ChooseFI Publishing, you can consider several approaches based on advice given in the "ChooseFI" podcast. Here are a few strategies discussed:

  1. Leave an iTunes Review: Leaving a review on iTunes is a straightforward way to support ChooseFI Publishing. This helps increase the visibility and credibility of their content 1.

  2. Use Affiliate Links: When setting up accounts or signing up for services such as travel credit cards, use ChooseFI’s affiliate links. This supports them financially at no extra cost to you 1.

  3. Spread the Word: Introduce the podcast to friends, family, and coworkers who might be interested in financial independence. Recommending specific episodes can help get them started 1.

  4. Utilize Their Educational Resources: Engaging with and promoting ChooseFI’s educational materials like their book on travel rewards or financial independence can also help. This includes recommending that your local library stock their books, benefiting your entire community 2.

These simple steps help strengthen the community and allow ChooseFI to continue providing valuable financial insights.

Community Support

Barney and Alan discuss ways to support the community, like leaving iTunes reviews and setting up personal capital accounts to track financial progress. Encouragement is given to share the podcast with friends and family to spread the message of financial independence.


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