Social Pressure


In the "My First Million" podcast, the concepts of social pressure, particularly in the context of social media and the dynamics within platforms like Facebook, have been discussed extensively. For instance, reflects on the evolution of social media and how products are designed to increase the amount we share, doubling almost yearly. This trend is driven by what he refers to as "Zuckerberg's law," where our willingness to share personal information grows significantly over time, enhancing social pressure for continued and increased engagement on these platforms 1.

Additionally, the discussions also veer into how passions and social pressures within communities can impact individuals' behavior. highlights a scenario involving passionate fans in a Facebook group who revolted against an admin change, illustrating how social dynamics and pressures can lead to significant group actions. This example points to both the power and the pressure exerted by tightly-knit online communities 2.

These insights reveal the complex interplay of social pressures within the dynamics of social media and community engagements, emphasizing the intensifying cycle of sharing and the expectations it sets on users.

The Future of Social Media

Shaan discusses the future of social media and the increasing demand for sharing moments. He predicts that wearable technology such as glasses or a drone camera will allow for even more sharing in the future.

My First Million

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