Who is talking about how to build trust in government?


Two individuals are discussing how to build trust in government:

  1. Margaret Levi on the offers insights into why citizens might trust governments. She highlights several key factors:

    • Perceived trustworthiness and fairness of the government.
    • The government's ability to fulfill its promises and punish free riders.
    • The belief that processes in distributing goods and making decisions are fair.
    • Ongoing renegotiation between citizens and government to maintain trust.

    These factors contribute to citizens' willingness to comply with government demands: 1 2.

  2. Nicholas Bagley on the discusses the concept of government effectiveness and its relationship to trust. He debates the dangers of empowering government too much, emphasizing that trust is crucial for a functioning democracy and suggests that it is preferable to have a capable government, even if not perfect, than a crippled one that cannot fulfill its roles: 3.

    Trust in Government

    Margaret discusses the importance of citizens perceiving the government as trustworthy, fair, and competent in order to willingly comply with its demands. She emphasizes the constant renegotiation between citizens and the government to maintain trust.

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