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In the of The Jordan Harbinger Show, Jordan Harbinger interviews Jenny Radcliffe, who describes herself as an "ethical people hacker." The episode delves into various intriguing aspects:

  • Background: Jenny discusses her challenging upbringing on the tough streets of Liverpool during the 1980s, highlighting a lack of opportunities and prevalent crime 1.

  • Teenage Mischief: Jenny shares stories from her teenage years, including cons and misadventures such as breaking into a mortuary and selling fake VIP tickets for non-existent events 2.

  • Professional Skills: The episode explores Jenny's exceptional infiltration skills, which she describes not as breaking and entering but as a form of social engineering and security testing.

  • Networking and Resources: Jordan provides various listener resources, including links to guest materials, a free networking course called Six-Minute Networking, and mentions a new virtual room feature on Microsoft Teams for better team collaboration 3.

    Liverpool's Tough Streets

    Jenny shares her experience growing up on the tough streets of Liverpool in the 1980s, where there were limited opportunities and a lot of crime. Despite her circumstances, she highlights the importance of having time and a brain to get into mischief. She also briefly touches on her abduction as a child, which was a turning point in her life.

    The Jordan Harbinger Show

    428: Jenny Radcliffe | Cat Burglar for Hire

Overall, the episode is not only about Jenny Radcliffe’s unique career path but also offers insights into effective networking, resource sharing, and the impact of one's background on their professional choices.