Triad gangs


Triad gangs are notorious organized crime syndicates with pervasive influence in both Southeast Asia and globally. Here are some key insights about their activities and significance, as discussed on The Jordan Harbinger Show:

  1. Global Impact and Connections: Triad members have evolved beyond traditional racketeering to engage in large-scale, international activities including cyber-slavery and human trafficking. Notably, a Chinese gangster named Wang Kokwai, affiliated with the 14K Triads, was involved in casino operations and the modern slavery crisis in Southeast Asia, illustrating the expansive and often hidden reach of these organizations. These activities often involve collaboration with corrupt elements within government and even respectable businesses to launder money through cryptocurrency and other means, evidencing sophisticated international operations 1.

  2. Role in Political Maneuvering: Triads also manipulate political scenarios to their advantage. During the Hong Kong protests, members of these gangs were reportedly employed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to act against democratic processes. Triads effectively served as proxies for state violence against protestors, showcasing a deep intertwining of organized crime with governmental functions in some regions 2.

  3. Legal and Political Cover: Triads maintain relationships with governments to secure a degree of immunity for their activities. This includes influencing or outright controlling areas where they operate, which allows them a free hand to conduct illicit activities under the cover of legitimate business operations, such as casinos 3.

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  4. International Operations and Law Enforcement Challenges: The disturbing nexus between Chinese police stations abroad and local criminal operations tied to the Triads represents a significant challenge. These stations, sometimes set up in establishments linked to the triads since the 1980s, are implicated in a range of criminal activities including money laundering and drug trafficking. The involvement of state actors complicates international law enforcement efforts and highlights the complex dynamics between state and non-state actors in the realm of organized crime 4.

The pervasive influence of Triad gangs is a testament to their adaptability and the modernization of organized crime, spanning traditional territorial control to sophisticated international operations involving cybercrime and global money laundering networks.