Impact of 9/11 on mental health?


The impact of 9/11 on mental health is profound, especially in how individuals perceive their safety and efficacy in the world. According to Dr. Sue Varma, 9/11 can be seen as a psychological trauma that caused many to feel a sense of rupture in their self-efficacy and trust in the world. This type of trauma undermines morale, making individuals question their community's safety and predictability. Dr. Varma highlights that such events impact mental health by eroding personal feelings of security and productivity, contributing to conditions like PTSD and ongoing anxiety due to the unpredictability of safety post-disaster 1.

Understanding Trauma

Dr. Sue Varma delves into the essence of trauma, emphasizing how it can rupture one's faith in themselves and the world. She explores the impact of man-made disasters like 9/11 on mental health and the struggle to regain a sense of safety and trust.

The Neuro Experience with Louisa Nicola

#325 How Trauma Affects Our Habits and Our Life Choices | Dr Sue Varma, MD