Exercise vs mindfulness for energy?


When comparing exercise and mindfulness for boosting energy, the results favor exercise, particularly moderate aerobic activity. A study highlighted by demonstrated that just 15 minutes of jogging at a moderate intensity led to an immediate increase in energy levels and enhanced cognitive functions such as visual attentional control and perceptual speed. The group engaged in moderate exercise not only felt more energetic but also showed improved performance on cognitive tasks involving visual search and sequencing.

On the other hand, a group that participated in 15 minutes of relaxation or mindfulness meditation reported feeling more calm and experienced less overall energy increase. This suggests that while mindfulness can promote relaxation and mental clarity, it may not be as effective as moderate aerobic exercise in boosting immediate energy levels and cognitive performance 1 2.

Thus, if the goal is to enhance alertness and energy quickly, 15 minutes of moderate exercise might be a more effective choice than a short session of mindfulness meditation.

Boosting Energy

Andrew discusses a study that shows how 15 minutes of moderate intensity exercise can increase energy levels and improve attentional control and perceptual speed. He compares the results to a group that did mindfulness meditation and highlights the benefits of exercise for boosting energy.

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