Currency challenges


In the episode "The Rise Of Russian Oligarchs & The Russia-Ukraine War" from the , discusses a significant challenge related to currency in the context of economic sanctions and geopolitical tensions. He explains how Western nations have employed financial warfare techniques, such as freezing central bank assets and removing countries from international financial systems like SWIFT. These actions can cause local currencies to crash, as exemplified by the Russian ruble losing about 40% of its value, directly impacting the citizens of the affected country. Consequently, this situation leads to a push towards digital currencies that cannot be controlled by any one country or alliance, potentially reshaping the future of global financial reserves and transactions 1.

Crypto and Financial Warfare

Shaan Puri explains how the west is using financial warfare against countries, and how this could lead to a shift towards digital currencies like crypto. The discussion highlights the potential impact on citizens and the importance of reserve assets.

My First Million

The Rise Of Russian Oligarchs & The Russia-Ukraine War