What can stoicism teach us?

Shane Parrish AI:

Stoicism can teach us several key principles. As Ryan Holiday explained in our conversation, the primary teaching of Stoicism is the dichotomy of control, which is understanding what's within our control and what's not. We primarily control our thoughts, opinions, actions, and beliefs. Stoicism also teaches us that we don't control what happens, but we control how we respond. Every event is an opportunity to practice virtue or excellence.

In terms of decision-making, as William Irvine shared, Stoicism advises us to focus on the parts we can control. It encourages a rational approach to decision-making, which includes mapping out our options and investing quality time into considering these options.

Finally, as Nancy Sherman discussed, Stoicism has a significant influence in the military, teaching resilience and the ability to deal with deprivation. The phrase "suck it up and truck on" encapsulates this stoic mindset of enduring hardship.