Dexa Careers

It used to be incomprehensible for a startup to challenge Google. The product was good and the tech was untouchable.

Things have changed. People want answers from the people they trust. Not 10 blue links to SEO spam, or an LLM summarization of those links.

Dexa is a new kind of research engine. Ask questions and get answers directly from the people you trust, with references.

v1 is live:

Join Us

We're looking for ambitious hackers to form our founding team. You will be responsible for owning and solving hard problems that will make an impact.

Our Values

  • Quick and iterative building
  • Users first
  • Focus and simplicity
  • Ownership and accountability

Founding Team Responsibilities

  • Ownership and accountability for large parts of Dexa
  • Move quickly and adjust to changing priorities
  • Communicate clearly in an async environment
  • Continuously learn and improve

What We're Impressed By

  • Sharing impressive things you've built
  • Hands on experience with LLMs and related tech
  • Personal interest in podcasts and other educational media

Our Tech Stack

  • Full-stack TypeScript and Node
  • Data: EdgeDB (Postgres), Redis, BigQuery
  • App: Remix, React, Vanilla Extract (CSS)
  • AI: OpenAI (base & fine-tuned), Modal
  • Infra: GCP, Qdrant, Cloudflare


  • Remote team spread across the US and Canada
  • We meet in person on a quarterly basis
  • Opening a NYC office in the future


We raised $6M from these wonderful firms and angels:

Founding AI Product Engineer


  • Plan and build new products/features from scratch
  • Maintain and improve existing functionality
  • Work closely with the founder on AI/ML features and capabilities
  • Contribute to shared tooling and libraries


  • 5+ years experience working in production environments
  • Experience working with LLMs (side projects count)
  • Full-stack TypeScript, including Node.js
  • Deep understanding of React and related libraries
  • Attention to detail and a focus on quality
  • Work independently without guidance

Nice to Haves

  • Experience with Remix
  • Experience with SSE, websockets, or streaming


  • NYC office or remote (USA or Canada)

How to Apply

If you're interested in joining us, please email [email protected] with the following:

  1. Why you're interested in Dexa
  2. Links to impressive things you've built
  3. A link to your GitHub profile
  4. Your resume