What sparked Chris McGlory's interest?


Chris McGlory's interest in the anabolic potential of omega-3 fatty acids was sparked by a series of landmark studies, specifically papers by Bitina Mittendorph's group. These studies highlighted the enhanced protein synthetic response to amino acid infusion with omega-3s in both younger and older people. These outcomes made a profound impact on McGlory, inspiring him to delve deeper into this area during his studies in Scotland 1.

Additionally, an underlying interest in how different nutrients affect muscle metabolism was influenced by the setup at the Institute of Aquaculture in Sterling, where he was working. Here, he was introduced to the various aspects of nutritional interventions in skeletal muscle, focusing particularly on omega-3s and their influence on muscle protein synthesis and mitochondrial function 2.

Omega-3 Anabolic Effects

Emerging evidence suggests that omega-3 supplements have an anabolic effect on muscle protein synthesis, particularly in older adults. Landmark studies by Mittendorphus and Gray's independent research confirm the positive impact of omega-3s on muscle mass and size, offering potential protection against sarcopenia.

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Chris McGlory, PhD, on the Anabolic Potential of Omega-3 Fatty Acids