Can hormones affect fat storage?


Yes, hormones can indeed affect fat storage in the body.

  1. Cortisol: This hormone is noted to promote fat storage, particularly around the midsection. It tends to increase as people age or undergo significant hormonal changes such as menopause 1.

  2. Estrogen and Testosterone: Variations in these hormones can also influence where fat is stored. High levels of estrogen in men can lead to fat being stored in areas typically associated with female bodies, like hips or chest. Similarly, women with high cortisol levels might store more fat in their belly 2.

  3. Insulin: This is described as a primary hormone affecting fuel availability and also plays a critical role in fat storage. High insulin levels can promote fat storage, blocking the release of fat from fat cells, particularly when combined with high-carbohydrate diets 3.

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Overall, hormones distinctly influence both how much fat we store and where it is stored on our bodies.