Can we shape our own identity?


Yes, shaping our own identity is possible, though it involves various factors and conscious efforts:

  1. Influence of Upbringing and Environment:

    • Childhood Influence: According to , caregivers shape children's identities significantly by modeling behavior. Labeling children negatively can fixate a certain identity in their minds. Instead, approaching behaviors with understanding and support can help them develop a more positive sense of self 1.
    • Observation and Labels: discusses how our early identities form through observing those around us and the labels imposed on us. Overcoming these initial impressions often requires conscious effort to redefine one's identity successfully 2.
  2. Fluid Nature of Identity:

    • and emphasize the importance of staying true to one's values rather than rigidly adhering to specific groups or interests. This helps maintain a sense of agency and prevents compromising personal values for group conformity 3 4.

      Shaping Identity

      Caroline and Lewis discuss the importance of modeling behavior and shaping a child's identity through understanding and grace, rather than labeling them as "bad" or "difficult." They emphasize the need to delve into the underlying reasons behind actions and offer support to help individuals change.

      The School of Greatness

      How To HEAL TRAUMA Without Medication (Try This & See Results!) | Caroline Leaf & Lewis Howes
    • asserts that personality and identity can change dramatically through behavior and environmental modifications. Changing behavior and consciously shaping our surroundings can lead to significant personality changes 5.
  3. Redefining Identity Post-Crisis:

    • Personal Experience: shares her journey of losing her identity as a violinist and experiencing "identity paralysis." She highlights the necessity to define oneself by who they are rather than what they do, offering insights into handling identity crises and moving forward 6.

In summary, while our upbringing and environment initially shape our identity, it's possible to redefine and reshape it by focusing on our values, consciously changing behaviors and environments, and handling life transitions thoughtfully.