How to manage sleep while traveling?


To manage sleep while traveling, offers several useful strategies:

  1. Stay on Your Home Schedule: If your trip is three days or less, try to maintain your home time zone schedule. This means adjusting your daily activities, sleep, and wake times according to your home schedule 1.

  2. Light Exposure:

    • Use a bright light device to simulate your usual wake times back home. This can help regulate your circadian rhythm despite changes in time zone 1.
    • Avoid bright light exposure during your sleep times back home. Use eye covers to block out light in planes and hotels 2.
  3. Temperature Regulation:

    • Understand your body's temperature minimum and use light exposure strategically around this time to help adjust your circadian rhythm. This involves knowing your typical wakeup time and planning your light exposure accordingly 2 3.

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  4. Gradual Shifts:

    • Before traveling, shift your sleep schedule gradually by waking up or going to bed earlier/later by an hour or two each day until you leave. This can ease the transition into a new time zone 3.
  5. Timeshifter App: This app can be very helpful for dealing with jet lag. It provides a schedule for light exposure, stimulants, and food intake based on your travel itinerary, and is highly recommended for managing jet lag 4.

By integrating these strategies, you can improve your ability to manage sleep effectively while traveling.