Vo two max workouts


When incorporating VO2 max workouts into your training, it's essential to understand their role and frequency:

  1. Gradual Improvement: According to , VO2 max should be developed gradually through aerobic running, including threshold and long runs. Focusing on short, intense workouts alone may not sustain long-term VO2 max improvement. 1

  2. Regular Interval Training: If you're incorporating high-intensity interval training (HIIT), you might consider workouts like 30-second intervals at near VO2 max pace, interspersed with equal rest, repeated several times with breaks in between. This approach helps optimize oxygen consumption and enhances mitochondrial efficiency. 2

  3. Combination of Workouts: It's also suggested to combine VO2 max training with threshold workouts. The idea is to build a strong aerobic base that supports higher intensity efforts, which are less frequent but integral for pushing the limits of your cardiorespiratory fitness. 3

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  4. VO2 Max as a Metric for Longevity: Interestingly, highlights that while VO2 max workouts are critical, for long-term health benefits, integrating steady-state cardio which can be done consistently over time is crucial. This shows that VO2 max isn't just about performance but also about enhancing lifespan through improved cardiorespiratory fitness. 4

In summary, while VO2 max workouts are valuable for improving aerobic capacity, they should be part of a diverse training program that also emphasizes steady-state cardio and threshold workouts. This balanced approach can prevent burnout and maintain consistent improvement over time.