Why is this movement gaining momentum?


Several factors contribute to a movement gaining momentum:

  1. Community Engagement: Movements often grow by engaging local communities extensively. For instance, the local organic food movement has seen success with increasing farmers' markets and organic food sales. Growth rates of 15-20% annually show significant community interest and engagement, driving the movement forward1.

  2. Building Common Goals: Momentum in a movement can also come from shared goals and passions within a group. Effective communication about common dreams and consistent alignment on motivations can drive a movement further, ensuring all members grow together rather than apart2.

These aspects highlight the power of community and shared vision in fostering substantial growth and sustainability in a movement.

Growing the Movement

Dan Barber discusses the need for the local organic movement to expand and reach a wider audience. He highlights the significant growth in farmers markets and organic food sales, but acknowledges that it is still a small percentage of overall food consumption. Barber explores the challenges of sustainability and suggests looking into regional food systems that can utilize the distribution capabilities of larger food chains.

On Being with Krista Tippett

[Unedited] Dan Barber with Krista Tippett