Here are some insights from Jordan Harbinger on the theme of "defending" in various contexts:

  1. Defending Against Negativity: Jordan Harbinger discussed with about protecting oneself from negativity. They recommend creating mental defenses, such as focusing on gratitude, to counteract negative influences. Jordan also shared his practice of not checking emails first thing in the morning to avoid anxiety and cortisol spikes, promoting a healthier start to the day 1.

  2. Defending Against Negative Self-Talk: also talked about the importance of defending oneself against negative self-talk. He explained that managing stress effectively involves viewing it through a positive lens, which can enhance resilience and immune response rather than exacerbate stress 2.

  3. Defending Positions in Arguments: In a conversation with , Jordan Harbinger highlighted the difference between a "soldier mindset" and a "scout mindset" when defending positions in arguments. The soldier mindset focuses on winning the argument, often using cherry-picking, while the scout mindset aims to discover the truth, crucial for important decisions like medical treatments 3.

    Defending Against Negativity

    Shawn and Jordan discuss the importance of defending oneself against negativity, both for emotional health and productivity. They suggest canceling the noise, creating mental modes, and inoculating oneself with gratitude to counterbalance negativity. Jordan shares his realization that checking email in the morning causes anxiety and cortisol spikes, and suggests finding a better way to start the day.

    The Jordan Harbinger Show

    144: Shawn Achor | Why Success and Happiness Aren't Mutually Exclusive
  4. Criminal Defense: , a criminal defense lawyer, discussed the importance and challenges of defending clients, emphasizing the need for everyone to receive zealous advocacy, regardless of their perceived guilt. He shared that defending those who might be unjustly accused is particularly stressful but essential for justice 4.

  5. Protecting Abuse Victims: Jordan Harbinger, along with Gabriel Mizrahi, consulted with defense attorney Corbin Payne to understand how to protect victims of abuse within the legal system. Corbin stressed the importance of legal measures like orders of protection and the challenges victims face in getting adequate defense against their abusers 5.

These clips elucidate different ways and contexts in which defending oneself or others is approached, whether it be in arguments, legal battles, or against negative influences.