How to be more productive?


Brad Barrett offers several practical tips for increasing productivity:

  1. Batch Processing: Focus on completing one type of task at a time in dedicated time blocks. This approach helps eliminate the inefficiencies caused by frequent task-switching. Brad shared that when he dedicated one hour solely to clearing his email inbox, he was able to achieve 'inbox zero,' significantly reducing his anxiety and improving his productivity 1.

  2. Structured Morning Routine: Start your day with activities that ground and motivate you, such as meditation, journaling, or meal preparation. Pair these with habit stacking, where completing one task motivates you to move on to the next. This structure could extend to your first activities of the day, like exercising and setting a framework for subsequent tasks. By creating this morning framework, you set yourself up for a productive day 2.

  3. Streamlining Daily Tasks: Simplify routine tasks such as grocery shopping. Using digital tools like Pinterest for meal planning and Wonderlist for managing shopping lists can save time and reduce decision fatigue. This method can make mundane tasks more efficient and free up time for more important activities 3.

    Productivity Hacks

    Brad and Cory discuss the importance of batch processing to increase productivity and how it helped Brad clear his email inbox. Cory recommends the book Deep Work by Cal Newport for those looking to improve their productivity and focus.


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By adopting these strategies, you can optimize your time and boost overall productivity.