Why do people love spectator sports?


People love spectator sports for several reasons, primarily tied to deep-seated behavioral and cognitive factors. Rhonda Patrick and Jim Kean discussed that spectator sports generate a sense of patriotism and territorial identity, which taps into primal human traits. This identity can be seen in the way teams have specific colors, mascots, and names that fans can rally behind, fostering a strong, community-like feeling. Moreover, fans seek justice in sports, desiring fair play and clear outcomes, which adds to the intrigue and emotional investment spectators have in games 1.

Designing a Pro Sport

Jim shares his experience designing a pro sport, the National Pro League, which simplifies fitness events and borrows from existing sports to create a spectator sport that can be viewed in a two or three hour segment on TV. He discusses the cognitive foundations that people assign to spectator sports and how they generate patriotism and demand justice.

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Jim Kean Talks Biomarkers, Building a Spectator Sport