Dealing with Anger


Dealing with anger has been discussed extensively by various experts on different podcasts. Here are some strategies and perspectives shared by them:

  1. Understand and Own Your Anger:

    • Jack Kornfield explained how recognizing the stories that anger tells us and feeling its energy can help in honestly addressing it. In his example, wrapping yourself in robes in a hot room may seem extreme, but it emphasizes confronting anger head-on to understand its roots and manifestations 1.
    • Lama Rod Owens advises allowing anger to be present without reacting to it immediately. This prevents the energy of anger from depleting us further and creates the space needed to work through the underlying hurt or fear that often accompanies anger 2.
  2. Physical Expression:

    • Jacoby Ballard stresses the importance of discharging the energy behind anger through physical activities like sports, dancing, or drumming. This movement helps process the anger and prepares us for more constructive interactions 3.

      Dealing with Anger

      Jack Kornfield shares how growing up with an abusive father shaped his survival strategy and how it affected him later in life. He talks about how he dealt with anger and how his teacher helped him face it during his time in the monastery.

      The Knowledge Project

      A Practical Guide on Finding Inner Peace | Jack Kornfield | Knowledge Project Podcast 156
  3. Seek Insight and Help:

    • A clip from "Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris" podcast discusses how seeking psychological insights into the root causes of personal anger, such as past traumas, can help in managing it more effectively in the present 4.
    • Agnes Callard advocates for asking for help directly from the person you're angry with, which can be a powerful yet challenging way to address and resolve feelings of anger 5.
  4. Anger as a Motivator:

    • Leslie Booker reflects on anger as a catalyst for action, suggesting that it should be used to motivate positive change. Inspiring words from Maya Angelou advocate using anger to fuel constructive movements and actions, rather than letting it consume us internally 6.

Each expert offers unique strategies that can be applied depending on individual circumstances and the intensity of the anger experienced.