overcoming winter anxiety


During the winter months, when anxiety and depression may increase due to factors like reduced sunlight and colder weather, maintaining a strong routine can be very helpful. According to , even when the winter seems to diminish the effectiveness of our routines, persisting with them can provide stability and continuity. These may include mindfulness practices or staying connected through kindness, which are crucial when counteracting the increasing feelings of worry, sadness, and disconnection 1.

Moreover, incorporating light therapy can be beneficial for combating seasonal affective disorder, as mentioned by . Using devices like blue light can help mitigate the decreased exposure to sunlight during the shorter days of winter 2.

Winter also provides unique opportunities for exercise, even though it might seem difficult. As advised in the , finding exercise routines that are suitable for colder weather, such as indoor yoga or gym workouts, can help maintain physical health, which is closely linked to mental well-being 3.

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Additionally, embracing outdoor activities with the right gear can change one's outlook. Walking or running outside, even in cold weather, can be refreshing and invigorating, providing a new perspective on winter 4.

Overall, a combination of maintaining routines, appropriate therapy, physical activity, and light exposure can help in managing winter anxiety effectively.