Neighborhood walks


Walking around neighborhoods can be beneficial for both personal and community connectivity. Here are some insights from experts on neighborhood walks:

  1. Real Estate Exploration:

    • Chad Carson suggests that walking through neighborhoods is an effective way to hunt for real estate opportunities. By talking to residents, you may learn about available properties and community dynamics. This approach is not only about seeing the properties but engaging with the community, which can give you insights you wouldn't get from only online searches 1.
  2. Community Unity During Challenging Times:

    • Sal Di Stefano noticed increased community spirit and friendliness during neighborhood walks amid the pandemic. Residents started acknowledging each other more, and children wrote hopeful messages on sidewalks, creating a sense of unity and positivity 2.
  3. Health and Wellness:

    • Walking is not only beneficial for community connection but also for personal health. Regular walks are a recommended form of low-impact cardiovascular activity. They provide opportunities for sunlight exposure (Vitamin D) and can be a relaxing period to enjoy the environment or spend time with others 3.

      Neighborhood Walks

      Chad and Jonathan discuss the benefits of walking neighborhoods when searching for real estate deals. By getting out from behind a computer and talking to people, you can learn a lot about a neighborhood and potentially find leads on deals that you wouldn't have found otherwise.


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  4. Social Connections:

    • Lisa Genova highlights the importance of social connections for mental health. Walking with others can enhance these interactions, which are crucial for emotional and cognitive well-being. Changing your usual route can also stimulate the brain by introducing new experiences 4.

These insights illustrate the multifaceted benefits of neighborhood walks, ranging from practical real estate opportunities to enhancing physical health and fostering community unity.