Should you increase calorie intake?


Increasing calorie intake can be appropriate depending on your goals, such as gaining weight, improving fertility, or supporting physical training. Here are the key insights from the Mind Pump Podcast:

  1. Gradual Increase: It's advised to slowly increase your caloric intake, aiming to add 100-200 calories at a time until a comfortable new level is reached that does not lead to unwanted weight gain. This helps in adjusting to the new intake without dramatic changes in body weight 1.

  2. Accompany with Training: Increasing calories should align with consistent physical training to ensure the calories contribute to muscle growth rather than excessive fat. This combination is crucial, especially when in a caloric surplus intended for muscle building 2.

  3. Nutrient Quality: Focus on nutrient quality, particularly protein, to ensure body composition remains favorable. This approach avoids the common pitfalls of "dirty bulking," where increased caloric intake comes from unhealthy foods, leading to poor health outcomes 3.

    Increasing Caloric Intake

    Adam and Sal discuss the importance of gradually increasing caloric intake to support weight gain and fertility. They provide advice on how to slowly increase calories and offer insights on the impact of body fat percentage on fertility.

    Mind Pump Podcast

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  4. Monitor and Adjust: Regular monitoring of body weight and composition is essential to adjust the caloric intake as needed, ensuring that the increase doesn't lead to excessive fat gain 4.

Before adjusting your diet, consider physical activity levels, health goals, and possibly consult with a nutrition professional to tailor advice to your individual needs.