Sustained effort


Several experts have discussed the concept of sustained effort across various domains, such as health, motivation, community building, and personal growth:

  1. and on weight loss: Sustaining weight loss requires continuous effort and discipline. They emphasize that maintaining weight is an ongoing process requiring daily consideration and that occasional indulgences are manageable within a long-term balanced diet 1.

  2. on motivation: Sustained effort in achieving goals involves tools and protocols that help maintain focus and motivation over different time frames. He highlights the importance of daily assessments of motivation and incorporating techniques to stay motivated and focused during specific tasks 2.

  3. on revolution dynamics: In community-building and business models, sustained effort is crucial for long-term engagement. He describes creating paths for individuals to progress from mere participants to leaders within a community, emphasizing the need for ongoing support and connection 3.

    Sustained Effort

    Julia and Russ discuss the sustained effort required for weight loss and the importance of long-term discipline in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


    Julia Belluz on Epidemiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism
  4. on elevating black voices: Promoting diversity and inclusion within organizations requires long-term, sustained effort. This includes compensating and elevating the voices of black people and implementing the changes they propose to improve organizational culture 4.

  5. on cardio fitness: For effective cardio training, a balanced approach of sustained effort at a conversational pace combined with high-intensity intervals is recommended. This helps develop both endurance and the ability to handle higher intensities progressively 5.

  6. on overcoming fear: Sustained effort in personal growth and overcoming fear involves recognizing one's reactions, practicing self-regulation, and fostering a positive mindset through hope, optimism, and faith 6.

These insights illustrate that sustained effort is a broad and multifaceted concept, essential for achieving and maintaining long-term goals across various fields.