Changing diet


When considering changing your diet, expert advice emphasizes several important points:

  1. Immediate Impact on Health: discusses a study that demonstrated rapid changes in the microbiome within just 24 hours of dietary change, suggesting that our food choices have significant and swift effects on our gut health. This is part of why food is often considered the best form of medicine we can give our bodies 1.

  2. Gradual Changes for Sustainability: advises against drastic dietary overhauls. Instead, he recommends phasing out the least healthy parts of your current diet one at a time. This method allows your taste preferences to adjust gradually, making the healthier changes more sustainable and less overwhelming 2.

  3. Behavioral Transformation Through Diet: shares his experience with the Wildfit diet, which emphasizes understanding your cravings and emotional eating patterns. This program helped him, and subsequently his employees, significantly reduce body fat by changing conditioned behavior concerning food over a 90-day period 3.

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  4. Holistic Approach to Lifestyle Changes: points out the profound impact of eliminating processed foods from the diet, noting improvements in attention and cognitive function in children from such changes. He advocates for a return to diets that emphasize whole and unprocessed foods, much like earlier generations consumed 4.

  5. Lifestyle Before Diet: stresses that lifestyle transformations are more effective than simply changing what you eat. He advises incorporating changes into the broader context of your values and everyday choices, making it part of a holistic lifestyle change 5.

Each approach underscores the significance of viewing dietary changes as part of a broader lifestyle modification, taking into account the psychological, physical, and social aspects of eating. This holistic approach not only promotes better health outcomes but also ensures these changes are enjoyable and stick over time.