Clinical trials on intermittent fasting?


Andrew Huberman has discussed the clinical trials on intermittent fasting, particularly those exploring time-restricted eating, through collaborative efforts with Dr. Satchin Panda. They explored how restricting feeding to specific periods within each 24-hour cycle can impact various health aspects, such as liver health, gut health, brain function, mood, and cognitive performance. These clinical trials have included diverse participant profiles, including men, women, children, those with diabetes, and generally healthy individuals. Huberman points out the deep exploration of these trials in his discussion with Dr. Panda 1.

Intermittent Fasting Impact

Andrew and Sachin discuss how intermittent fasting and circadian behaviors impact our biology and health. They cover the latest clinical trials and how restricting feeding to specific periods can impact everything from liver and gut health to mood and cognitive performance.

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Dr. Satchin Panda: Intermittent Fasting to Improve Health, Cognition & Longevity | Huberman Lab