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The episode titled "Upgrade Spotlight: Breathe Better, Snore Less & Wake Up With Energy – Mute/Rhinomed" from the podcast The Human Upgrade, features Dave Asprey and guest Michael Johnson, CEO of Rhinomed. They discuss the impact of nasal breathing on health and explore the Mute product, a nasal device designed to improve sleep and reduce snoring.

Key points of the episode include:

  1. Importance of Nasal Breathing: Michael Johnson stresses the significant health impacts of proper nasal breathing, particularly for cognitive and physical health. He notes the benefits for both developing and aging brains 1.

  2. Innovations for Better Breathing: The episode delves into the Mute product, a nasal dilator that improves airway opening to enhance breathing during sleep. This simple yet effective biohack is underscored by research indicating improvements in sleep and snoring 2 3.

    The Nose's Impact

    Michael discusses the importance of breathing through the nose for both developing and aging brains, highlighting the impact it can have on cognitive and physical health. He also shares fascinating research on how changing the shape of the palate can improve sleep disturbed breathing in children with ADHD.

    The Human Upgrade

    Episode #1028: Upgrade Spotlight: Breathe Better, Snore Less & Wake Up With Energy – Mute/Rhinomed
  3. Health Impacts of Improved Breathing: Chronic sleep impairment like apnea can lead to severe health issues over time. Proper breathing at night, as facilitated by devices like Mute, can mitigate such conditions 3.

  4. Community Feedback and Effectiveness: Dave Asprey shares anecdotes from his community, indicating the positive improvements in heart rate variability and overall sleep quality due to using Mute 4.

This episode not only provides insights into a practical tool for enhancing sleep quality but also emphasizes broader themes of biohacking and health optimization advocated by Dave Asprey.