Violation of Expectation


"Violation of expectation" is a concept commonly discussed in neuroscience and psychology, referring to how the brain responds to unexpected events. On the , and explain this through the lens of surprise. Humans naturally anticipate and predict outcomes, and significant deviations from these predictions result in surprise, known as "violation of expectation" 1.

This concept also plays a crucial role in storytelling and humor, where breaking established patterns or expectations creates surprise and engagement for the audience. The brain's response to these violations can be studied using various stimuli and examining their impacts on attention and perception 1.

Considering these explanations helps us understand why unexpected elements are powerful in capturing attention and evoking emotional responses.

Mastering Surprise

Prince and Chris discuss the concept of attention being anchored to anchors, using comedian Anthony Jesselnick as an example. Chris shares three jokes that break expectations, highlighting the power of violation of expectation in creating surprise. Matt explains how humans are forward projecting creatures and how violation of expectation leads to surprise.

Modern Wisdom

How Marketing Reshapes Our Brains | Prince Ghuman & Matt Johnson | Modern Wisdom Podcast 180